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Wasinex -- Corporate Cultures

Ⅰ.Values and Ideas

· Mission - Committed to build a tech-enterprise focused on environmental protection and energy conservation.

· Spirit - Striving for excellence and working with perseverance.

· Outlook on value - We are a people-oriented company. We also respect personality and dare to be first. We gain reputation before profit.

· Outlook on talents - Talents are the most valuable assets of an enterprise.

· Outlook on markets - Reputation weighs over products, service weighs over products.

· Outlook on quality - High standard and dependable. Quality means life to all members.

· Operation philosophy – Innovation leads to improvement. Focus on core business and produce high quality products.

· Goal - Provide the safest, the most reliable and the most convenient technical support for millions of water users.

Ⅱ. Company System and Norm

· The company has a sound corporate legal person system and management system;

· All work is orderly performing under company management standards and process;

· Functional organization structure is adopted for management;

· Long-acting distribution system: Create value together, share fruit and risk together.

Ⅲ. Behavioral Approaches to Business

The board and senior executives are responsible for making strategic decisions and management decisions. According to efficiency first principle, individual decision and group decision are combined to show fair and just. Operation is based on quality and customer first policy while manufacture is decided by sales. Never stop researching and developing new products, cutting developing period or improving utilization efficiency of development fee. We will continue improving product performance and level. Gradually embrace the use of robotics by increasing product manufacturing equipment capability and automation level. Strive to build a high-quality management team which shares one corporate culture, boasts cooperative consciousness and innovative consciousness. The team also needs to be professional, can adopt advanced concepts and fit the sustainable development.

Ⅳ. Business Operation and Practice

During business operation, we will contact customers, competitors, suppliers, dealers, governments and the society. Amid all the complicated relationships, we are committed to quality and customer first, we also insist on fair competition and all-win harmony. At the same time, we are honest and law-abiding and looking forward to rewarding the society.